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Your Wheels and Tyres are the things that keep you on the road and take the most abuse. We have a range of wheel and tyre cleaning products, tools, sealants and dressings. The dooka wheel mitt will help remove the brake dust particles and grime that your wheels and tyres are constantly under attack from. If you don’t get rid of this dirt and grime you could end up with corrosion and clear coat peel and at worst, a refurb.

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dooka wheel care kit
dooka WHEELS wheel shampoo
dooka BLEED fallout remover
dooka OSHA wheel mitt
dooka woolly wheel mitt
dooka wheel pad
dooka OSHA wheel pad
dooka small blue drying towel
dooka microfibre applicator pad
dooka 3 Detailing Brush set
CarPro IronX Fallout Remover
CarPro IronX Paste 150ml
CarPro Perl

CarPro Perl


CarPro Dlux

CarPro Dlux


Cartect Tyre Wax
Envy Evolution wheel Cleaner
Envy 5 Detailing Brush set
Envy Detailing Brush - Singles
EZ - Wheel brushes
Gtechniq C5 - Wheel Armour
Gtechniq T1 - Tyre & Trim
Gtechniq T2 - Tyre Dressing
Gtechniq W6 - Iron Remover
Klin Mini Duo drying towel
ODK - Attite Tyre Dressing
SiRamik WHEELS wheel coating
Z16 Perfect Tire Gloss
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