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Stage Two Details

Paint enhancement details northampton

Stage Two - Paint Enhancement Details are designed for vehicles with more severe paint defects. These defects are mainly caused by poor washing techniques, automatic car washes, being driven daily and just living outside. All these condition leave your vehicle covered in heavy swirl marks and scratches leaving your paint looking dull with very little depth of colour.

The 2-stage machine polishing process consists of two machining stages. A cutting stage to remove a bulk of the damage in the paint, leaving the very worst behind. The cutting stage often leaves its’ own footprint behind, which is why the second refining stage is carried out. The finishing stage will remove any marring from the previous stage and will greatly increase the gloss and clarity of the paint,

We are able to supply and apply sealants and waxes from such manufacturers as G|Techniq, CarPro, GYEON, Zaino, Swissvax, Polish Angel and more. Ceramic Coatings are at an extra cost.

Estimated time: 3 Days
Prices start from £750. (dependant on size and current vehicle condition )


dooka's Stage Two Paint Enhancement Details include as a minimum:

• Vehicle pre washed in a foam, door, boot and bonnet shuts, grilles, badges and all other little areas are cleaned, the paintwork is then thoroughly washed
•Fully decontaminated, Iron and tar deposits removed from vehicle
• A Clay bar is used to remove any other bonded contaminates from paintwork
• Wheels and Wheel arches cleaned
• Vehicle re-washed and dried
• Paint depth readings taken (also shows accident/paint repairs)
• Two machine polishing stages, a cutting stage and a refining stage
• Vehicle wiped down with a panel wipe to make sure surfaces are clean and all oils are removed from paint which can hide minor imperfections.
• 2 layers of a premium sealant or wax [ Zymol, Swissvax, Zaino, Polish Angel ] applied, including front and rear lights
• Door shuts sealed
• Interior cleaned and vacuumed including all surfaces wiped down
• Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
• Interior glass cleaned
• Exterior glass cleaned
• Glass rain/water repellent applied to all exterior windows and mirrors, 3 layers on the front screen for maximum durability
• Exterior plastics dressed - Sealed with a ceramic trim coating if a ceramic coating is chosen
• All brightwork cleaned and polished
• Stainless steel/chrome cleaned and polished
• Paintwork checked under numerous light sources
• Final inspection to make sure your car meets dooka’s high standards

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