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  • HDD Hydrology Glass Sealant

High Definition Detail’s Hydrology is an extremely durable glass sealant/coating giving superior disability in wet conditions and up to 12 months durability on side windows and up to 6 months on front screens or windows with window wipers.

Preparation is the key for maximum durability from Hydrology ensure all glass is free of contaminants such as oil and silicones prior to application. we suggest neat IPA as an appropriate exterior glass cleaner for this job


Apply to microfibre applicator pad and work in circular motions.

allow 10-15 minutes for Hydrology to bond, removal will depend on temperature and time allow for it to cure.

simply wipe excess away with a microfibre cloth, a second cloth may be needed to buff any residue left behind.

The second method of removal use a damp microfibre cloth, wipe over the glass then wipe excess away with a dry cloth.

Durability: 6-12 Months*
Bottle Size: 100ML

HDD Hydrology Glass Sealant

  • £15.00

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