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automotive paint sealants

At dooka detailing Northampton you will find a great range of car paint sealants for cars, from standard polymer sealants to ceramic glass coatings from some of the leading brands, including CarPro, Cquartz, Gtechniq, Siramik and Zaino. Sealants generally last longer than a carnauba wax, but coatings will out last both in terms of durability. Most of today's paint sealants are anti-static, which try to repel dirt and dust, keeping you vehicle cleaner for longer. Carpro Reload makes for a fantastic drying aid.

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dooka coating applicators
DOOKA COATING APPLICATORS The dooka White foam filled microfiber Coating Applicators with a f..
Out Of Stock

dooka coating cloths
DOOKA COATING  CLOTHS The dooka White 300gsm Coating Cloths are Ideal for removal all ty..

dooka coating kit
DOOKA COATING  KIT The dooka coating kits are Ideal for application and removal all type..

Britemax Extreme Elements Sealant
BRITEMAX EXTREME ELEMENTS Britemax Extreme Elements is a super durable resin polymer cream se..
£16.95 £10.00

CarPro - Essence Plus
  CARPRO ESSENCE PLUS Si02 CarPro Essence PLUS is a unique siO2 nano coating that will lay..

CarPro Reload
CARPRO RELOAD SEALANT Unlike the other spray sealants on the market which are organic wax or ..

CarPro Hydro2 Spray & Rinse Coating
CarPro HydrO2 100ml CarPro HydrO2 (hydro2) Sealant is an incredibly easy to use, effective, a..

CarPro Hydro2 Lite
CarPro HydrO2 Lite 1000ml One of CarPros greatest innovations Hydro2 Lite is now even easier ..

CarPro Dlux
CQuartz DLUX Long Life Trim Coat (30ml) DLUX Long Life Trim Coat was engineered specifically ..
Out Of Stock

CarPro CQUK Classic TiO2 kit - 30ml
CARPRO CQUARTZ CLASSIC TiO2 | 30ML KIT CQuartz TiO2 (aka CQuartz Classic) is the latest ada..

CarPro CQUK kit - 30ml
CarPro CQuartz UK Edition w/ Reload Kit (30ml) Coat your car with the glossiest and hardest c..
Out Of Stock

Chemical Guys Jet Seal 109 Sealant
CHEMICAL GUYS JETSEAL 109 SEALANT Chemical Guys Jetseal 109™ is a unique anti-corrosion seala..
Out Of Stock

Chemical Guys Blacklight Sealant
CHEMICAL GUYS HYBRID BLACK LIGHT SEALANT Chemical Guys BLACK LIGHT sealant is formulated espe..

Chemical Guys V7 Spray Sealant
CHEMICAL GUYS HYBRID V7 HIGH GLOSS SPRAY SEALANT Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 spray sealant works..

Collinite 845 Insulator Wax
COLLINITE 845 INSULATOR WAX Collinite 845 Insulator Wax is a Heavy Duty Insulator Wax/Sealant..

Gtechniq C1 - Crystal Lacquer
GTECHNIQ C1 CRYSTAL LACQUER GTechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer is one of the ultimate paint coatings..

Gtechniq C4 - Trim Restorer
GTECHNIQ C4 TRIM RESTORER Gtechniq C4 Trim Restorer is a nano composite coating. Restores tri..

Gtechniq C5 - Wheel Armour
GTECHNIQ C5 WHEEL ARMOUR Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour has been independently tested and proven to..
Out Of Stock

Gtechniq - Crystal Serum Light | CSL
GTECHNIQ CRYSTAL SERUM LIGHT | CSL Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light | CSL is the prosumer version..

Gtechniq EXO V2
GTECHNIQ EXO V2 Gtechniq EXO v2 offers sensational surface protection, dirt repllancy and wat..

Gtechniq EXO V3
GTECHNIQ EXO V3 | ULTRA DURABLE HYDROPHOBIC COATING Gtechniq EXOv3 is Gtechniq's latest coati..

Gtechniq -  CSL | Exo V3
GTECHNIQ CRYSTAL SERUM LIGHT | CSL and EXO V3 Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light CSL topped with Gt..

Gtechniq C2 V3
GTECHNIQ C2 V3 SPRAY SEALANT Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal spray sealant is the revolutionary..

Koch Chemie Shine Speed Polish
KOCH CHEMIE SHINE SPEED POLISH | 500ML Koch Chemie Shine Speed Polish is a final stage polish d..

Koch Chemie 1K Nano Sealant
KOCH CHEMIE 1K NANO | NANO PAINT SEALANT Koch Chemie 1K-Nano Paint Sealant bonds to the paint a..

ODK - Entourage Quick Detailer
ODK ENTOURAGE QUICK DETAILER ODK Entourage is an all round easy to use quick detailer.It clea..
Out Of Stock

ODK - Exhibit Gloss Enhancer
ODK EXHIBIT GLOSS ENHANCER SPRAY ODK Exhibit is an all out gloss enhancer, easy to use, leavi..

SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat
SIRAMIK SC15 GLASSCOAT SiRamik Surface Coat SC15 is an ultra durable ceramic coating that is ..
Out Of Stock

SiRamik Surface Coat SC Mist
SIRAMIK SURFACE COAT SC MIST SPRAY SEALANT SiRamik SC Mist Spray sealant is ultra easy to app..

SiRamik SC Detailing Bundle Kit
SIRAMIK SC DETAILING BUNDLE KIT Get one of each of SiRamiks main products in this SC Detailin..

SiRamik WHEELS wheel coating
SIRAMIK WHEELS | WHEEL COATING SiRamik WHEELS is SiRamiks latest offering for protecting your..

Z-CS Clear Seal
ZAINO Z-CS CLEAR SEAL Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal is an advanced total synthetic polymer protectant..

Z2 Pro Show Car Polish
ZAINO Z2 PRO - SHOW CAR POLISH Zaino Z2 Pro 'Show Car Polish' is probably the most exclusive ..

Z3 Show Car Polish
ZAINO Z3 SHOW CAR POLISH Works so well, you'll think your finish has a clear coat Z-3 Show Ca..

Z5 PRO Show Car Polish
ZAINO Z5 SHOW CAR POLISH Z-5 PRO is the perfect choice for detailing enthusiasts, amateurs, a..

Z8 Grand Finale Spray Seal
ZAINO Z8 GRAND FINALE Turn heads like never before! Use of Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal may ca..

Z-FX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive
ZAINO ZFX Z- Zaino Show Car Polish F- Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun! X- eXtraordinary Results!! ..