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Gtechniq EXO V3

Gtechniq EXO V3
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Brand: G|Techniq
Product Code: Gtechniq-EXO-30ml
Weight: 105 g
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Gtechniq EXOv3 is Gtechniq's latest coating, offering high gloss, slickness and hydrophobic levels. EXOv3 is a non-hybrid organic coating compared to EXOv2 which was a hybrid inorganic and organic coating. EXO v3 is easier to apply and offers better durability than EXO v2. Exo v3 delivers the same gloss levels and slickness as v2 did but with stronger resilience against water spotting and chemical damage.

Being a non hybrid organic coating means it is much harder and resilient to chemicals and water spotting than V2 EXO.

You will find that your vehicle is significantly easier to clean and whilst EXOv3 has significantly better resistance to caustic wash chemicals. These chemicals will shorten the lifespan of any coating and are not recommended as part of your care routine. EXOv3 can be over coated with other products but please note that if you do, you will get the surface performance of the new product rather than those of EXOv3

Glass bottle with tamper evident cap, air replaced with inert gas (once opened contents must be used within 2 weeks).

* Simple to apply Up to 24 months durability
* Chemical resistant from pH3 - pH13
* Highly Hydrophobic - repels water
* Slick, Glossy Finish
* Unparalleled water and dirt repellency
* Bottle Size: 30ml

* Box contents: Nitrile gloves and 20x20cm micro suede application cloth
* Cure Time: 3 Hours
* Shelf Life: 1 Year

Application Instructions

•In addition to this kit you will need at least two good quality microfibre buffing cloths.

•Ensure that your vehicle is out of direct sunlight but warmer than 5°C, is completely dry and will stay dry for at least 3 hours after application.

•Remove all blemishes from your vehicle's paintwork.

•Wipe down all surfaces using either a 1:3 mix of Isopropyl Alcohol and water and a microfibre buffing cloth (nb. if you are applying over a freshly applied coating of C1 you do not need to do this step) •Put on the nitrile gloves provided.

•Fold the micro-suede cloth into a small square.

•Tip several drops of EXOv3 onto your application pad.

•Spread the coating over an entire panel ensuring full coverage.

•With your first microfibre cloth folded twice to form a square, spread and remove most of the residue using a light touch to ensure you do not introduce any marring to your finish •With your second folded cloth remove all remaining residues. We advise to move your head so that you get direct and oblique views of your finish to spot all residue and we recommend bright but flat lighting to make residue spotting easier •Once you have finished coating your vehicle, repeat so that your vehicle is coated twice.

•Allow to cure for at least 3 hours prior to allowing your vehicle to get wet.

•For maintaining your finish we recommend hand washing your vehicle using a quality lambswool wash mitt, Gtechniq G-Wash and a quality drying towel.