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  • Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo

Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo is a high-tech shampoo that cleans and protects in one easy step. The high foaming concentrated formular gently lifts the dirt away from the exterior of the vehicle allowing it to be easily rinsed away. The high-tech shampoo contains protective agents that work with the existing wax or sealant enhancing the reflecting gloss.

The shampoo has been designed to work hand in hand with Koch Chemie 1K-Nano as it bonds tightly with the make-up of the sealant adding to its longevity, gloss and durability. If used on paintwork not treated with 1K Nano the Nano Magic Shampoo works as a stand-alone product and will leave increased shine and temporary layer of protection.

Nano Magic Shampoo forms a thin hydrophobic film over the vehicle which aids in the dispersing of water, and also aids in the drying process and helps to prevent water spot marks from developing.

Features Benefits:
Effortlessly washes dirt grime away.
Reacts with Koch Chemie 1K-Nano sealant to prolonged durability gloss.
Cleans protects surfaces untreated by Koch Chemie 1K-Nano.
Adds shine to other existing wax or sealant.
Aids water dispersal to prevent water spot marks.
Concentrated formulation.
Can also be used through a snow foam lance.

Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo

  • Brand: Koch Chemie
  • Product Code: Koch Nano Magic Shampoo
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