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automotive carnauba waxes - dooka detailing

Carnauba waxes give a deep, wet look shine to automotive paintwork and provide protection from harmful UV rays, industrial, environmental pollutants and contamination. Water beads straight off treated paintwork making it easier to maintain to a showroom shine, week after week.

Bilt Hamber Finis Wax - 250ml
Bouncer's Sherbet Fizz Wax
Bouncer's Check the Fleck Wax
Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Wax
Bouncer's Capture the Rapture Wax
Britemax Max Shine Liquid Wax
Chemical Guys 50 50 Wax
ODK - Empire Wax
ODK - Sterling Wax
ODK - Eclipse Wax
ODK - Glamour Wax
ODK - Echo Wax

ODK - Echo Wax


ODK - Concours Wax
ODK - Revere Wax
ODK - Momentum Wheel Wax
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