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  • CarPro Snow Soap 500ml

Iron X - Snow Soap
CarPro Iron-X Snow Soap can be used in multiple ways such as a snow foam or as a shampoo. The perfect product for keeping car ceramic glass coatings clean. After a vehicle has been properly de-contaminated, IXSS will keep it free of iron particles far more than any other car wash. If the vehicle has been previously coated with CQuartz or CQuartz Finest or any other ceramic coating, Iron x Snow Soap is a very versatile product.
Remove fallout while washing, great, Iron X Snow Soap still has the same concentration of Iron x within the product, it has been adapted to be able used as a dedicated Snow Foam, while maintaining its fallout removal, and indication of ferrous particles on the paint surface.

    •    pH Neutral
    •    High Lubricity
    •    Uses only the highest quality cleaning agents & emulsifiers to wash your vehicles surfaces.
    •    Snow Soap cuts through grime & traffic film with ease.
    •    Excellent wheel cleaner - Agitate the gel directly on the surface of the wheel
    •    Cleanses the bodywork softly with rich foam
    •    Smooths the surface
    •    Use on paint, glass, wheels, headlights, plastic trim, clear bras
    •    Excellent on wheels (Apply gel directly to wheel and agitate the surface)
    •    Snow Soap has now become the first step in total paint decontamination.


CarPro Snow Soap 500ml

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