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Car detailing accessories - dooka detailing - northampton

dooka supply a range of quality car detailing accessories, including foam lance gauzes, detailing brushes, foam and microfiber applicators, trigger spray heads, grit guards and product dispenser bottles to name a few. Well you've already spent enough on you car detailing products, you might as well get the right detailing accessories to help make detailing your car that little bit easier and more fun.

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Dooka Suede Applicators
DOOKA WHITE SUEDE COATING APPLICATOR CLOTHS Dooka White Suede MicroFiberapplicator cloth, sof..
Out Of Stock

dooka coating applicators
DOOKA COATING APPLICATORS The dooka White foam filled microfiber Coating Applicators with a f..
Out Of Stock

dooka coating pipette
DOOKA PLASTIC DISPOSABLE COATING PIPETTE dooka disposable plastic pipette is perfect for disp..
Out Of Stock

dooka coating cloths
DOOKA COATING  CLOTHS The dooka White 300gsm Coating Cloths are Ideal for removal all ty..

dooka coating kit
DOOKA COATING  KIT The dooka coating kits are Ideal for application and removal all type..

dooka microfibre applicator pad
DOOKA MICROFIBER APPLICATOR PADS The dooka micr a tyre dressing applicator. Our blue microfib..
Out Of Stock

Black Trigger Spray Head
This high quality trigger head provides 1.4ml per stroke, 30-40% greater than standard trigger heads..

dooka 20lt Buckets
DOOKA HEAVY DUTY 20 LITRE BUCKETS | 5 GALLON | PAD POSE The dooka pad pose detailin..

Chemical Resistant Trigger Spray Head
Chemical resistant trigger spray head is designed with toughened internals to with harsh chemicals s..

dooka bucket lids
DOOKA 2 BUCKET LIDS strong white plastic push fit lid designed to form a tight seal with the ..

dooka Bucket Sticker
DOOKA BUCKET STICKERS | FROM £2.95 Wash, Rinse and Wheels stickers for your buckets. Availabl..

dooka 3 Detailing Brush set
DOOKA DETAILNG AND WHEEL BRUSH SET The dooka wooden handle no metal hog hair detailing and wh..

dooka uber applicator pad
DOOKA UBER FOAM APPLICATOR The dooka uber applicator pads are made from Laser Cut dura-foam a..

dooka Snow Foam Lance
DOOKA SNOW FOAM LANCE The dooka snow foam lance is a high quality foam lance connects to your..

dooka foam lance gauze
DOOKA FOAM LANCE GAUZE If your foam lance is not working like it used to, and is now producin..

dooka gap detailing swabs
DOOKA DETAILING SWAPS dooka gap detailing swabs are a great tool to keep in your detailing ar..

dooka 335ml Bottle
DOOKA 335ML DISPENSER BOTTLE A handy plastic dispenser bottle with pointed nozzle and Red lid..

dooka 946ml Spray Bottle
DOOKA 947ML SPRAY BOTTLE A handy plastic HDPE trigger spray bottle. Holds 32oz/946ml of produ..
Out Of Stock

dooka 200ml Mini Bottle
DOOKA MINI SPRAY BOTTLE A handy clear cylindrical plastic [pet] bottle with with 24ml neck. H..

dooka coating bottle cap
DOOKA PUSH PULL POLISHING BOTTLE CAPS | 28MM The dooka 28/410 push pull bottle caps are per..

dooka mini trigger spray
DOOKA 24MM MINI SPRAY HEADS The dooka mini trigger spray head is a 24-410 black fine mist min..

dooka coating bottle cap
DOOKA COATING BOTTLE DROPPER LIDS The dooka coating spare bottle cap with dropper is perfect ..

dooka measuring cup
DOOKA 60ml MEASURING CUP The dooka 60ml measuring cup is the perfect tool to help with your d..

dooka candy metallic sticker
DOOKA CANDY METALLIC STICKERS The dooka candy metallic vinyl logo stickers are double layered..

dooka solid colour pad pose sticker
DOOKA PAD POSE STICKERS The dooka solid colour pad pose stickers are  double layered vin..

dooka large pad pose sticker
DOOKA PAD POSE STICKERS The dooka pad pose stickers are vinyl cut, 7.5cm and in an asortment ..

dooka enamel key ring
DOOKA ENAMEL CUSGTOM KEY RINGS These awesome enamel keyrings were hand crafted here in the UK..

dooka baseball cap
DOOKA BASEBALL CAP The dooka Baseball Cap is a one-size-fits-pretty-much-all Flexfit c..

dooka mugs
DOOKA MUGS The dooka mugs are a glossy 280ml Ceramic Mug, perfect for you tea or coffee,..
Out Of Stock

CarPro Red Detailing Tape
CARPRO RED AUTO DETAILING MASKING TAPE CarPro red 24mm/1" automotive detailing masking tape i..

CarPro Applicator Block
Cquartz "Foam Block" Applicator (Standard Size) Sold individually 1 block and not 2 like i..

CarPro Suede Applicator Microfibre
CARPRO SUEDE APPLICATORS Suede MicroFiber cloth applicator, soft, smooth and self absorbing. ..

CarPro Microfibre Gloves
CARPRO PLUSH ORANGE MICROFIBER GLOVES The CarPro orange Microfbre gloves are designed to help..

CarPro Cquartz Key Ring
CARPRO | CQUARTZ | KEY RING A little keychain made out of a soft touch hard rubber that smell..

Chemical Guys Leather Scent Air Freshener
CHEMICAL GUYS LEATHER SCENT AIR FRESHENER The Chemical Guys Leather Scent Air Freshener and O..

Chemical Guys Stripper Scent Air Freshener
Chemical Guys Stripper Scent Air Freshener Chemical Guys Stripper Scent Air Freshener has bee..

Chemical Guys - Lemon Lime Air Freshner
CHEMICAL GUYS LEMON LIME AIR FRESHENER Chemical Guys Lemon Lime Scent Air Freshener and Odour..

Citrus Mate Air Fresheners
CITRUS MATE ALL NATURAL AIR FRESHENERS Don’t just cover up the smell of odours, eradicate&nb..

Envy 5 Detailing Brush set
ENVY DETAILNG BRUSHES Envy detailing brushes come as a set of 5 Detailing and Valeting Brushe..

Envy Detailing Brush - Singles
ENVY DETAILNG BRUSHES SINGLES Envy Single Detailing and Valeting Brushes. Individual sizes, a..

EZ - Wheel brushes
EZ WHEEL BRUSHES The EZ Wheel Brush is one of the most advanced wheel detailing brush today! ..

Grit Guards
GRIT GUARDS Preventing swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today's pai..

Z-FX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive
ZAINO ZFX Z- Zaino Show Car Polish F- Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun! X- eXtraordinary Results!! ..

Zaino 6" Tri-Foam Oval Applicator
ZAINO TRI FOAM APPLICATOR The Zaino Tri-Foam 6" Oval Applicator is great for hand use with Z-..