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  • Chemical Guys - Lemon Lime Air Freshner

Chemical Guys Lemon Lime Scent Air Freshener and Odour Neutraliser is a Premium air freshener specially formulated with unique fragrances engineered to smell great. Superior quality ingedients provide strong deodorizing capabilites. A few sprays is all you need for one vehicle. Odour eating ingredients eliminate previous odours.

The Lemon Lime Scent is formulated with unique water-based fragrances to smell like ripe, freshly cut lemons and limes. They say that lemons and limes are Earth's natural cleaners. So why not clean and freshen your vehicle, home or office with this refreshing, clean scent.

The Lemon Lime Scent Premium Air Freshener & Odour Neutraliser is a concentrated long lasting premium air freshener with natural enzymes that eliminate odours at their source rather than just masking them. Use sparingly or dilute accordingly for superior air scents, and long lasting deodorizing ability.

* Size: 16oz/473ml

Chemical Guys - Lemon Lime Air Freshner

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Product Code: Chemical Guys Lemon Lime Air Freshener
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