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  • EZ - Wheel brushes

The EZ Wheel Brush is one of the most advanced wheel detailing brush today! Available in two sizes, built for quick, effective cleaning of all wheels, the Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush has a state-of-the-art design that cleans any wheel surface and any wheel design without scratching. EZ now have a stiffer shaft like the Daytona Wheel Brushes, so it depends if you want red or blue.

Available in two sizes, Large and Small.


IMPORTANT: Never use your EZ Detail Brush on a hot surface!

Rinse off debris, dust or mud from all surfaces your brush will come in contact with.

Fill a bucket with warm water and use a quality soap that produces a good amount of suds. The warmer the water the softer the bristles become.

Submerge your brush in the bucket of warm, soapy water. Visually inspect the area you want to clean. Pick a straight path through nooks, crannies and crevices then insert your brush keeping your wrist inline with the handle. To prevent the bristles from getting caught, gently twist the brush in one direction while removing it. The brush will slide into most nooks and crannies. If you find one that it won’t, do not force it!

Rinse with water to remove all the soap then use an electric blower or a soft absorbent cloth to dry delicate surfaces.

Clean grease and oil off the brush with warm water and soap or a solvent. The bristles are chemical resistant and will withstand strong solvents. Rinse the brush thoroughly with water to remove all soap or solvent from the bristles. Hang the brush to dry.

If the bristles become matted, rinse them in hot tap water and hang the brush to dry or use a blow dryer on low setting. The Nylex bristles have a memory effect because of their unique design and when presented to heat will straighten back out.

The EZ Detail brushes are made in America from quality materials. Proper care will result in years of service.

EZ - Wheel brushes

  • Brand: EZ Products Inc
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