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dooka supply a range of quality car detailing accessories, including foam lance gauzes, detailing brushes, foam and microfiber applicators, trigger spray heads, grit guards and product dispenser bottles to name a few. Well, you've already spent enough on your car detailing products, you might as well get the right detailing accessories to help make detailing your car that little bit easier and more fun.

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dooka twisted pile drying towel
dooka small blue drying towel
dooka uber drying towel
dooka Plush Edgeless Purples
dooka blue microfibre
dooka Purples

dooka Purples


dooka plush blue microfibre
dooka multi purpose cloths
dooka microfibre applicator pad
Black Trigger Spray Head
dooka 20lt Buckets
dooka bucket lids
dooka Bucket Sticker
dooka 3 Detailing Brush set
dooka uber applicator pad
dooka gap detailing swabs
dooka 335ml Bottle
dooka 946ml Spray Bottle
dooka 200ml Mini Bottle
dooka coating bottle cap
dooka mini trigger spray
dooka coating bottle cap
dooka measuring cup
dooka candy metallic sticker
dooka large pad pose sticker
dooka enamel key ring
dooka baseball cap
dooka mugs

dooka mugs


3M 2328 Tape

3M 2328 Tape


CarPro Red Detailing Tape
CarPro Applicator Block
CarPro Fat Boa Drying Towel
CarPro Orange Boa Microfibre
CarPro Grey Boa Microfibre
Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth
CarPro Viper Microfibre
CarPro Microfibre Gloves
Envy 5 Detailing Brush set
Envy Detailing Brush - Singles
EZ - Wheel brushes
Klin twisted pile drying towel
Klin Duo twisted drying towel
Klin Zero Finish Towels
Klin Glass Shine cloth
Klin Mini Duo drying towel
Grit Guards

Grit Guards


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