Preventing swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today's paint finishes. Grit Guards helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during the washing process, where small particles of dirt and debris are rubbed across the paint surface inflicting swirls and RDS.

The Grit Guard fits snugly into the bottom of your bucket. Each time you submerse our wash pad or other wash media into the bucket to get more suds, rub it against the Grit Guard. This will help remove the dirt and leave it at the bottom of the bucket.

* Separates the grit from your wash pad or other chosen wash media
* Breaks dirty water into four sections, which keeps dirt and grit at the bottom of the bucket
* Fits most 3.5 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon buckets
* Radial surface extracts contaminants from wash mitts, brushes, and other cleaning tools
* The easy solution for a scratch-free wash
* Grit Guards fit perfectly in the bottom of our 20litre dooka buckets
* Diameter of Grit Guard = 265mm
* Choice of Colours (black, Red and blue)

Grit Guards

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