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  • Zaino Z2, Z6, Z8 Bundle

The Zaino Bundle with Zaino Z2 Pro sealant, Zaino Z6 Ultra Clean gloss enhancing quick detail spray and Zaino Z8 Grand Finale spray sealant is designed for people with well prepared paint that want to add the Zaino finish to their paint.

If you have spent your time claying and polishing your vehicle and are looking for the icing on the cake, this kit is for you. Containing Zaino's sealant Z2, this sealant when applied in multiple coats will outshine and outlast the competion. Zaino Z-2 boasts the most advanced levels of shine, gloss, reflectivity, clarity and depth, and it locks those optical qualities in for months, thanks to the most sophisticated system of synthetic polymeric-based protection available.

Between Z2 and Z8 Zaino Z6 can be used to add gloss and remove any last traces of the Z2 left on the panel. Even on it's own this product contines to amaze us, using between Zaino washes, setting the standard for quick detailing products.

Also included in the Zaino bundle is world famous Zaino Z8 Grand Finale Spray Sealant. after layering the Z2, Zaino Z8 really is the topper to the Zaino look. This highly concentrated spray sealant adds new levels of slickness to the paint whilst at the same time not only providing a durable barrier against the elements but is also so easy to apply.

RRP on individual products is £47.85.

Zaino Z2, Z6, Z8 Bundle

  • Brand: Zaino
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