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automotive paint sealants

At dooka detailing Northampton, you will find a great range of car paint sealants for cars, from standard polymer sealants to ceramic glass coatings from some of the leading brands, including CarPro, Cquartz, Gtechniq, Siramik and Zaino. Sealants generally last longer than a carnauba wax, but coatings will outlast both in terms of durability. Most of today's paint sealants are anti-static, which try to repel dirt and dust, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer. Carpro Reload makes for a fantastic drying aid.

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dooka plush blue microfibre
Dooka Suede Applicators
dooka coating applicators
dooka coating pipette
dooka coating cloths
dooka coating kit
dooka uber applicator pad
dooka coating bottle cap
Bilt Hamber Finis Wax - 250ml
Bouncer's Sherbet Fizz Wax
Bouncer's Check the Fleck Wax
Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Wax
Bouncer's Capture the Rapture Wax
Britemax Extreme Elements
Britemax Max Shine Liquid Wax
CarPro - Essence Plus
CarPro Reload

CarPro Reload


CarPro Hydro2 Lite
CarPro Dlux

CarPro Dlux


CarPro CQUK 3.0 kit - 30ml
CarPro GLISS kit - 30ml
CarPro Applicator Block
Chemical Guys Jet Seal 109 Sealant
Chemical Guys Blacklight Sealant
Chemical Guys V7 Spray Sealant
Chemical Guys 50 50 Wax
Collinite 845 Insulator Wax
Gtechniq C1 - Crystal Lacquer
Gtechniq C4 - Trim Restorer
Gtechniq C5 - Wheel Armour
Gtechniq EXO V2 | Quick Detailer
-25 %
Gtechniq EXO V3

Gtechniq EXO V3


Gtechniq -  CSL | Exo V3
Gtechniq C2 V3
Klin Zero Finish Towels
ODK - Empire Wax
ODK - Glamour Wax
ODK - Stirling Wax
ODK - Entourage Quick Detailer
SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat
SiRamik Surface Coat SC Mist
SiRamik Diamas Care Coat
SiRamik SC Detailing Bundle Kit
SiRamik WHEELS wheel coating
Z-CS Clear Seal
-15 %

Z-CS Clear Seal

£22.00 £25.95

Zaino Z2, Z6, Z8 Bundle
Z2 Pro Show Car Polish
Z3 Show Car Polish
Z5 PRO Show Car Polish
Z8 Grand Finale Spray Seal
Z-AIO All in One
-15 %

Z-AIO All in One

£22.00 £25.95

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