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Car polish keeps your car’s paint healthy and looking great. If your car is new or in like new condition, you can keep it looking that way using fine abrasive polishes or if you vehicles paint is very tired and full of swirls and random deep scratches, you can use a compound to remove these defects then follow up with a finishing polish. So from a a single stage gloss to a heavy correction, we have a polish suited to the task.

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CarPro - Essence Primer Polish
CarPro - Essence Plus
Chemical Guys Blacklight Sealant
Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze
Koch Chemie H8.02 Compound
Koch Chemie F5.02 Polish
ODK - Pro Cleanse - Paint Cleaner
SiRamik - Nano Primer Polish
Z-PC Fusion Paint Cleaner & Swirl Remover
-21 %
Z-AIO All in One
-15 %

Z-AIO All in One

£22.00 £25.95

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