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Exterior Car detailing accessories - dooka detailing - northampton

Maintaining a car also involves maintaining exterior trim, black plastics such as door bump strips, bumpers, mirror housings, exhausts and engine bays. Applying trim dressings can bring back old tired looking trim, getting rid of that faded grey look. Nano Trim Coatings will protect and repel water while restoring your vehicles plastic trim. Using metal cleaners and polishes on chrome or metal exhausts are the small details that make a detailed car standout

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dooka microfibre applicator pad
dooka 3 Detailing Brush set
Autoperfekt Silk Quick Detailer
Autoperfekt Fabric Cote
Britemax Metal Twins
CarPro TarX

CarPro TarX


CarPro Perl

CarPro Perl


CarPro Spotless
CarPro Dlux

CarPro Dlux


CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coat
CarPro - Inside Interior Cleaner
CarPro Grey Boa Microfibre
CarPro Microfibre Gloves
CarPro Cquartz Key Ring
Cartect Tyre Wax
Citrus Mate Air Fresheners
Chemical Guys Bare Bones
Envy Filler Killer Panel Wipe
Envy 5 Detailing Brush set
Gtechniq C4 - Trim Restorer
Gtechniq I1 - Smart Fabric
Gtechniq I2 - Tri-Clean
Gtechniq L1 - Leather Guard
Gtechniq C6 - Matte Dash
Gtechniq T1 - Tyre & Trim
Gtechniq T2 - Tyre Dressing
Gtechniq - Quick Detailer
Gtechniq M1 - All Metal Polish
ODK - Entourage Quick Detailer
ODK - Exhibit Gloss Enhancer
ODK - Cabin Interior Dressing
ODK - Attite Tyre Dressing
SiRamik SCQM Qure Mist
Solution Finish Trim Restorer
Z8 Grand Finale Spray Seal
Z9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner
Z10 Leather in a Bottle
Zaino Z9 + Z10 Leather Twins
Z14 Plastic Magic Cleaner & Polish
-21 %
Z16 Perfect Tire Gloss
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