• ODK - Cabin Interior Dressing

ODK Cabin is a dedicated interior dressing, for use on all interior plastics such as dashboards, centre consoles and door cards. ODK Cabin leaves a clean, fresh, satin finish on all interior plastics. With anti-static additives added to reduce the build up of dust on the vehicles interior surfaces. A Cranberry and Lime fragrance leaves a mouth watering scent that makes using Cabin a pleasure to use.

• Apply Cabin directly onto interior plastics or onto a microfibre cloth
• Gently wipe surface removing dust and dirt
• Fold microfibre to a clean side and buff any remaining residue to a clean, satin finish.

Bottle Size: 500ml with mini a trigger spray.
Colour: Green
Scent: Cranberry and Lime

ODK - Cabin Interior Dressing

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