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The Chemical Guys White Medium - Light Tappered Polishing Pad is made from a dense foam that provides a protective cushion allowing foam compression to maintain constant surface pressure while lessening machine vibration. This white engineered foam is imported from Europe and is specifically designed for polishing and buffing and is used at an OEM level worldwide.

This tappered white polishing pad can be used withmedium and finishing polishes. This dense pad provides even product application and professional polishing ability The white foam polishes the paint without abrading clear coat or single stages.

Hex-Logic Quantum product distribution system guarantees even spread of product, designed for flat and rounded/angled surfaces.

Hex-Logic Quantam Pads keep product in the grovesof the pad while you polish and as the pad is spun and rubbed against the surface the polish with travel thought the hex-groves into the pad evenly delivering a superior accurate finish, while keeping the surface constantly lubricated to reduce friction, heat build up and marring.

  • Premium quality foam pads
  • Longer lasting, more durable pads
  • 25% more surface area than regular 6" pads
  • Faster easier and more accurate results
  • Unique Patented system delivers a safer pad with less vibration
  • 5.5" White Quantum Hexlogic pad to fit 5" (125mm) backing plate

Chemical Guys - Quantum White Polishing Pad

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Product Code: CG Hex Logic Quantum Pad 5.5 White
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • £9.95