• ODK - Pro Cleanse - Paint Cleaner

ODK Pro Cleanse is a micro abrasive paintwork cleanser. Pro Cleanse removes all traces of oils, waxes, polymer sealants and other residues on the paint surface to leave a fresh, clean, bare surface ready for any wax or sealant. Pro Cleanse will remove fine scratches and holograms as well. With a stunning Refresher sweets scent it makes it even better to use.

Pro Cleanse can be applied by hand or by D.A machine using a soft pad.
Application by hand: using an applicator pad and apply a panel at a time, wait 2-3 minutes then remove.

Application by machine: work Pro Cleanse to a soft finishing or polishing pad and work the product in until its broken down for a few minutes then remove using a soft microfibre cloth.

Bottle Size: 500ml.
Colour: Green.

ODK - Pro Cleanse - Paint Cleaner

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