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Pre Wash and Foam

Vehicle pre washing - dooka detailing northampton

Pre Washing and Snow Foaming is one of the most important parts of a safe wash. Apply your prewash or foam and leave to dwell for up to 5 minutes, this softens and ecapsulates dirt drawing them away from the surface of the paint leaving it ready for the next washing stage. dooka provide pre-washes, Snow Foams, Snow Foam Lances and Bug Removers from many great manufacturers including, Bilt Hamber, Envy, Carpro and Gtechniq.

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dooka Snow Foam Lance
DOOKA SNOW FOAM LANCE The dooka snow foam lance is a high quality foam lance connects to your..

dooka foam lance gauze
DOOKA FOAM LANCE GAUZE If your foam lance is not working like it used to, and is now producin..

CarPro Snow Soap 500ml
Iron X - Snow Soap CarPro Iron-X Snow Soap can be used in multiple ways such as a snow foam or ..

Envy Bubbly Jubbly Snow Foam
ENVY BUBBLY JUBBLY SNOW FOAM Envy Valeting's Bubbly Jubbly PH nuetral snow foam. Thick and cr..

Gtechniq W4 - Citrus Foam
GTECHNIQ W4 CITRUS SNOW FOAM Unlike a lot of the pre-wash snow foams that come loaded with ca..
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Gtechniq W8 - Bug Remover
GTECHNIQ W8 BUG REMOVER Bug splatter is one of the hardest contaminants to remove from your p..

Koch Chemie GS Green Star UniversalCleaner
KOCH CHEMIE GS GREEN STAR | UNIVERSAL CLEANER Koch Chemie GS Green Star is a highly concentrate..

ODK - Arctic Snow Fom
ODK ARCTIC SNOW FOAM ODK Arctic is a highly concentrated pH neutral snow foam that breaks dow..