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Convertible Roofs

Convertible roofs Car detailing northampton

• Estimated time: 1 day
• Prices from £150 | included on correction details
Convertible roofs are tough to keep clean and prone to fading, particularly when not maintained and kept outside. In constant exposure to UV rays from the sun, airborn contaminants, dust, dirt, salts etc, they age and fade very quickly. Fabric hoods can also attract mould and moss, while the plastic rear windows often fitted on cabriolet vehicles can become cloudy and scratch very easily. A dooka convertible roof clean and seal detail will take care of all these problems.
dooka's convertible roof details include:
Please note: 1 full day is required as roofs need to be bone dry before re-proofing. This detail is best combined with a detail when vehicle is left over night. If this detail is not combined with a wash, then please make sure the car is clean before any work is carried out.
  • Roof Hoovered and Brushed
  • Roof Sprayed with Roof Cleaner
  • Roof Rinsed with Plain Water
  • Roof Cleaner re-applied and worked in with a selection of roof safe brushes
  • Roof again fully rinsed with clean water
  • Roof dried with drying towels and extraction cleaner
  • Rubber seals cleaned and fed
  • Vehicle masked up
  • Convertible Roof Weather Proofer Applied
  • Rear Window polished and cleaned inside and out
  • Outside of rear window sealed with a long life glass sealant

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