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Wheel Details

wheel detailing

Your wheels are subjected to some very harsh elements, like brake dust [iron deposits], heat, road salts, tar and paint. Without regular cleaning and protecting, the lacquer can start to deteriorate, especially if your alloy wheels have been curbed or have other similar damage. All the contaminates picked up will start to work their way under the damaged lacquer, resulting in the worst case scenario - a refurb or new wheels. 

dooka can remove, clean and decontamiate your wheels, leaving a perfect base for a ceramic wheel coating, such as G|Techniq C5 or Cquartz DLUX. These coatings will protect your wheels from the elements and provide durable protection. Cleaning will be a breeze and if maintained properly, the use of harsh wheel cleaners can be negated, which will allow for longer durability of the ceramic coatings.

Estimated time: 1 - 3 hours per wheel
Estimated cost:  Lose from £35 per wheel - Removal from car from £50 per wheel


dooka's wheel details include as a minimum:

• Wheels Removed 
• Arches and suspension components cleaned and dressed [ if wheel removed from car ]
• Wheels and tyres cleaned with an acid-free wheel cleaner and a selection of special wheel brushes
• Wheels de-tarred
• Ferrous particles from brake pad dust and industrial fallout removed
• Wheels clayed
• Wheels re-washed
• Hand-dried using 'deep pile' microfibre drying towels
• Wheels cleansed
• Coated with a ceramic coating such as CarPro DLUX and G|Techniq C5
• Tyre inner and outer sidewalls dressed with a safe no fling tyre dressing
• Wheels put back on car and torqued back to factory settings [ please check wheel nuts after 50 - 100 miles of driving ]

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