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Maintenance Wash

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The dooka Maintenance Wash is a great way to keep your vehicle looking fresh all year round. Recommended for car previously detailed or well-maintained vehicles and not designed for un-detailed uncared for vehicles. We advise this service on ether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

After a thorough wash process, the paint is sealed with either a premium synthetic sealant or natural carnauba wax. Your vehicle will be well protected against the British elements for up to 3 months and always have that just detailed look.

The dooka Maintenance Wash detail is a fantastic way to keep your car well .Estimated time: 3 + hours.
Prices start from £120. 
(dependant on size - protection top up are available)

  • Vehicles pre washed with warm foam to soften surface dirt and rinsed
  • Door, boot and bonnet shuts, grilles, badges and hinges etc. cleaned
  • Multi stage wash using warm water and a 2 bucket method using dooka wash pads
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned using an acid free alloy wheel cleaner and decontaminated
  • Choice of premium Sealant or Wax applied, extra layers available at an extra cost.
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior plastics wiped down
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets dooka’s high standards

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