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Matte | Satin Details

Paint matte satin wrap details northampton

More and more manufacturers are now offering matte [mat, matt] and satin and vinyl wrapped paint finishes, such as BMW Frozen finishes, matte and satin vinyl wraps are also becoming increasingly popular. However, they are far from the easiest of finishes protect to maintain, Whether it be a vinyl wrap or an actual painted surface, dooka can help. Without invalidating any form of paintwork warranty, or the disclaimer that you may have had to sign before taking ownership. Unfortunately due to their unconventional nature, conventional detailing techniques & products cannot be used.

Satin and matte paint and vinyl are susceptible to staining from greasy fingerprints, bugs, traffic film, bird droppings, conventional car shampoos, waxes and sealants, which can ruin the appearance of satin matte paint and wraps.

Using various professional, premium grade products that are specifically designed for satin matte finishes. It is now possible to not only clean and cleanse these finishes but to offer durable protection through a specially formulated wax or sealant, such as Swissvax Opaque for the wax lovers and Nanolex Matte or Polish Angel for the sealant lovers.

Protecting the car from the start is the best method to help maintain defect-free finish. These specific products will help prevent water spotting and slow down the build up of dirt & grime on the surface.

Estimated time: 1 Days
Prices start from £350. (dependant on size and current vehicle condition )


dooka's Matte | Satin | Vinyl Wrap Details include as a minimum:

Vehicles pre washed with warm foam to soften surface dirt and rinsed
Multi stage wash using warm water 2 bucket method and dooka wash pads
Engine bay cleaned
Wheel arches cleaned
Wheels cleaned using an acid free alloy wheel cleaner and decontaminated and sealed
Full gentle paint fallout removal [ iron deposits, brake dust and tar ]
Vehicle re-washed and dried with ultra soft plush microfibers and warm air
Vehicle wiped down with an isopropyl alcohol or panel wipe, to make sure surfaces are clean ready for an LSP [ last stage protection ]
Multiple layers of very high quality matte wax or sealant or a ceramic glass coating applied
Door shuts sealed for added protection
Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
Interior cleaned and vacuumed
Interior plastics wiped down and dressed
Interior glass cleaned
Exterior glass cleaned
Rain and water repelling glass coating applied to all exterior windows mirrors
Headlights and rear lights sealed.
Tyres cleaned and dressed with a long lasting tyre gel
Exterior plastics dressed
Stainless steel/chrome cleaned, polished and sealed
Soft top roof cleaned and sealed (if fitted)
Final inspection to make sure your car meets dooka’s high standards

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