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  • Stoner Rain Repellent

Stoner Rain Repellent improves visibility in wet weather by repelling rain, water, sleet, and snow from your windshield. Rain Repellent Windshield Treatment makes rain bead up and quickly roll off your windshield helping you see the road better so you can drive safer and more comfortably. Prevents water sheeting in even the heaviest of downpours. Water will start to bead off the windscreen at around 30 mph. Bugs, bird droppings, salt, ice, and frost are easier to remove.

Stoner Rain Repelent Windscreen Treatment will last between 2-4 months.
Stoner Invisible Glass with Rain Rellent glass cleaner makes for a perfect way to not only clean treated glass, but to top up the Rain Repellent Coating.

103ml 3.5oz Bottle

Stoner Rain Repellent

  • Brand: Stoner
  • Product Code: Stoner Rain Repellent
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £5.95