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  • SiRamik SC Detailing Bundle Kit

Get one of each of SiRamiks main products in this SC Detailing Kit Bundle and save 10% from buying individually. A perfect way to test SiRamiks products in one little bundle.

SC Shampoo
SiRamik Maintain Wash Car Shampoo is part of the Siramik System and is perfect for the maintenance wash procedures of the SC15 Surface Coat. It can also be used as a contamination shampoo to remove tree sap, carbon deposits and as an aid to remove old lsp, it comes in its neat form and can be used in many many ways.

SC Prime
SiRamik Nano Primer polish is the perfect solution for your final finish stages of machine work, removing light to medium defects but most of all preparing the paintwork for SiRamik SC15 Surface Coat with no further need for a wipedown with panel wipe or IPA.

SC15 Coating
SiRamik Surface Coat SC15 is an ultra durable ceramic coating that is very popular with our clients and enthusiasts alike, with stunning wet looks and excellent water behaviour, this really is one to watch. SC15 can be applied to paint, wheels, plastic trim and glass (with the exception of the windscreen), so one product for all surfaces.

SC Surface Mist Spray Sealant
SiRamik Surface Coat Spray is ultra easy to apply and contains 7% active ingredients that create a super slick hydrophobic surface and superior gloss that can last over 6 months is correctly maintained. With just a small amount needed to be applied to a cloth then applied to the paintwork then buffed off, extremely easy to use and cost effective as a very little goes a very long way.

mini bundle contains:
1 x SC Wash Shampoo - 100ml
1 x SC15 Coating - 30ml
1x SC Mist Spray Sealant - 100ml

large kit contains:
1 x SC Wash Shampoo - 500ml
1x SC Prime Polish - 100ml
1 x SC15 Coating - 50ml
1x SC Mist Spray Sealant - 250ml

SiRamik SC Detailing Bundle Kit

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