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  • Chemical Guys Blacklight Sealant

Chemical Guys BLACK LIGHT sealant is formulated especially for car lovers who aim for the smoothest, sharpest and wettest reflections possible with strong durability, ease of application, anti static properties and great durability.

BLACK LIGHT has a fully synthetic nano blended formulation with a massive emulsion of gloss enhancers coupled with the new bi-blend technology that leaves one crazy slick finish. The new blending technology allows for vastly homogeneous mixture resulting in an extremely smooth finish once the applied layer is fully and properly cured.

For best results apply by hand via a foam or microfiber applicator. Apply in a thin and even coat. Due to the Nano blending formulation BLACK LIGHT will blend and cure in around 15 minutes, then use a plush microfibre towel to buff off. To reach optimum results allow 30 minutes before reapplying a second coat.

16oz bottle with flip top lid

Chemical Guys Blacklight Sealant

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Product Code: CG Blacklight Sealant
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £18.95