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We have discontinued EXO V2 although still an awesome product and probably dooka's favorite product over the years. We have deducted 25% and including a 250ml bottle of Gtechniq QD while stocks last.

Gtechniq EXO v2 offers sensational surface protection, dirt repellency and water behavior with an exceptionally easy application process. EXO works on a very wide range of substrates including paint, gel coat, glass, metal, fabric, stone and Perspex.

Based on the next generation of inorganic-organic hybrid materials, it embodies our ethos to offer products that work harder and smarter meaning more time enjoying your vehicle and less time maintaining it.

EXO v2 offers the strength and longevity of a synthetic sealant whilst its organic component brings an extremely high shine. The simple to use, wipe on, buff off formulation requires very little curing time, leaving you free to use your vehicle when you need it!

You will find that your vehicle is significantly easier to clean and whilst EXOv2 has significantly better resistance to caustic wash chemicals these chemicals will shorten the lifespan of any coating and are not recommended as part of your care routine. EXOv2 can be overcoated with other products but please note that if done you will get the surface performance of this product rather than those of EXOv2

Glass bottle with tamper evident cap, air replaced with an inert gas (once opened contents must be used within 2 weeks), QR code on the exterior to guide users to application video.

* Bottle Size: EXO 30ml

* Foil pack contents: Nitrile gloves and 20x20cm micro suede application cloth
* Cure Time: 3 Hours
* Durability: Up to 18 months

* Quick Detailer Bottle Size:250ml

Gtechniq EXO V2 | Quick Detailer

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