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  • ODK - Echo Wax

ODK Echo is a synthetic high gloss wax and the third wax in the ODK Concours Collection series of waxes. Designed and developed over a six month period to deliver an extremely glossy finish producing sharp reflections on any colour paint surface. Packed full of the purest ingredients to give a high optical clarity, Echo is very hydrophobic and will help keep the vehicle cleaner and maintenance quicker and easier. As with all ODK waxes, Echo has been formulated with an easy on, easy off application and removal and will produce the very best finish possible. Echo is pure white in colour with a stunning Vanilla Truffle scent.

SIZE: 100ml

ODK - Echo Wax

  • Brand: odk
  • Product Code: ODK Echo Wax
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £35.00