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  • ODK - Eclipse Wax

ODK Eclipse is a high end Carnauba based wax, using high specification polymers and sheeting agents, delivering great gloss and durability which isn't too common with most hybrid waxes. The hydrophobic properties of Eclipse make it a high performing wax that protects from the elements. With a subtle green colour, and mint fragrance Eclipse is a joy to use with ODK's signature easy application and removal formula.

3-5months durability with regular maintenance. Apply to bare, contaminant free paintwork. For optimal performance apply two coats of wax, leaving 45 minutes between coats.

GLOSS                  ***
DURABILITY         *****
REMOVAL             ****
FINISH                  ***

SIZE: 100ml

ODK - Eclipse Wax

  • Brand: odk
  • Product Code: ODK Eclipse Wax
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  • £30.00