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  • ODK - Momentum Wheel Wax

ODK Momentum is a durable wheel sealant that protects your wheels from the elements and makes your wheels easier to maintain and clean. Fortified with Sio2 and other highly effective synthetic polymers, Momentum will improve the finish of your wheels whilst laying down durable protection for up to 5 months. A highly hydrophobic barrier that will repel all kinds of dirt, grime, and brake dust and has a high level of chemical resistance.

Apply to all 4 wheels and then remove. Two coats are advised for optimal performance. Allow 45 minutes between layers.

GLOSS                  ***
DURABILITY         ****
REMOVAL             *****
FINISH                  ****
FRAGRANCE        Rhubarb and Strawberry
SIZE: 100ml

ODK - Momentum Wheel Wax

  • Brand: odk
  • Product Code: ODK Momentum Wheel Wax
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  • £25.00