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  • Z-FX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive

Z- Zaino Show Car Polish
F- Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun!
X- eXtraordinary Results!!

Three years in the making, Zaino ZFX is finally here! Zaino ZFX, with Flash Cure (patent pending), is a revolutionary new cross-linking and polish enhancement additive that's exclusive to the Zaino Show Car Polish system. There's never been anything quite like ZFX, and here's why:
All polish, sealant and wax protection systems must "cure" before they can effectively protect your paint. Once cured, all paint protection systems begin to deteriorate. The rate of deterioration depends on many factors, including the chemicals used, bonding qualities, weather, washing, and use of the car.

Very few specialty paint protection systems can be layered to increase protection and paint appearance. Layer-able systems must cure prior to application of subsequent coats. Depending on the product, cure time may take a few hours or a few days. For lasting protection, most synthetic sealants are formulated to be hard. If not properly designed, synthetic sealants may crack, yellow or distort the optics of the paint surface.

ZFX is a Zaino Show Car Polish cross-linking and acceleration additive. It offers near-instant cure time, reduced surface distortion, enhanced polish flexibility, and improved bonding to both paint and additional layers of Show Car Polish. In simple terms, ZFXvastly improves paint surface appearance and increases polish durability.

ZFX is the product of more than 30 years of custom show car experience. Professional painters add chemicals and compounds to their paint mix prior to painting to promote cross-linking, improve paint flexibility, reduce paint imperfections, increase hardness, and improve gloss. We applied this same line of thinking in the development of ZFX. The result is a stunning professional show car finish with less effort, no waiting and longer-lasting results.

ZFX can be used with any of our Show Car Polish products, including Z-2™, Z-3™ and Z-5™. Plus, ZFX makes using Z-1™ Polish Lok unnecessary. Using ZFX in place of Z-1™ Polish Lok will promote cross-linking, reduce drying time, increase gloss factor, extend durability level, and instantly cure to allow multiple immediate coats! No more waiting between coats!

When we say "acceleration," we mean it! Adding ZFX to any one of our Show Car Polishes prior to use is like kicking an F-14 Tomcat into afterburner. The competition just can't compete... we'll shoot them down every time. Perfect shine, less time -- guaranteed!

The vial of ZFX inside one of the mixing bottles contained in the ZFX package is half full. There is enough ZFX for 120 to 140 drops which yields up to 32 ounces of polish!

Please note: ZFX is a very important part of the Zaino system and MUST be used with the initial application of the system, even on brand new paint. ZFX should be used with the Zaino system twice a year on daily driven vehicles or once a year on show cars. When using ZFX, you do not need to apply Z-1.

The ZFX contains four empty 2 ounce bottles and one half-full vial containing 2 ml of product.

Z-FX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive

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