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New Car Details

Paint protection details northampton

dooka's New Car Protection detail Packages are designed to allow your new car to get the best possible start. When purchasing a new car, you would expect the paintwork to be clean and free of contaminants and defects. In most circumstances, this is not the case. During storage and transportation, rail dust, sea salt, bird lime, tree sap and tar etc. can all start to bond with and etch into the paint. Poor preparation during the pre-delivery process can lead to marring and swirls being inflicted into the paint.

We will maintain New Car Detail prices up to 700 miles, thereafter Stage One and above prices will become applicable.

A New Car Protection detail consists of a thorough deep clean and decontamination of your cars paintwork and wheels. Although your car is brand new, don’t be fooled into thinking it is perfectly clean, it isn’t, there will already be contaminants that have settled and started to bond with your paint. All door shuts, badges, window surrounds and other little areas are thoroughly cleaned. Wheels and vehicle washed. All contaminants that have bonded to the paintwork such as Iron deposits, tree sap, salts, tar and general industrial fall out, are removed from the paint with the use of a fallout remover and a clay bar. The paint is then cleansed with via machine polisher. The paintwork, wheels and glass are then all sealed with dedicated sealants or waxes. You should see at least 3-6+ months protection from this detail, as long as it is properly maintained after. You can upgrade to Polish Angel Cosmic for an additional £95.

Estimated time: 1 Days + Curring Time
Prices start from £295. ( dependant on size )


A coating detail includes the minimum of a single stage machine polish. This will remove buffer trails, fine swirling and defects such as minor bird lime and bug etching, haziness in the paint, oxidisation etc. The machining stage will also add a much higher gloss level and clarity to the paint. This machining stage is essential in preparing the paint surface for a coating. Durability can be affected if the paint surface is not properly prepared. You can see up to 18-24 months protection from a coating detail if correctly maintained. We do advise an inspection wash after one month.

Estimated time: 2-3 Days (including coating curing time)
Prices start from £350. (dependant on size plus cost of chosen coating)

Please be advised that Ceramic coatings need a minimum of 12-24 hours to cure enough before leaving our premises. Then a further 5 to 10 days there after to fully cure. You will be advised accordingly before you leave with your vehicle.

The below list is a minimum that will be carried out on your vehicle:
* Vehicle pre washed in a foam
* Door, boot and bonnet shuts, grilles, badges and all other little areas cleaned
* Vehicle thoroughly washed
* Iron and tar deposits removed from vehicle
* Clay bar session to remove any remaining bonded contaminates from paintwork
* Wheels and Wheel arches cleaned
* Vehicle re-washed and dried
* Paint depth readings taken ( exposes paint repairs )
* Paintwork cleansed via DA. Single stage machine polish on Ceramic details.
* Vehicle wiped down with a panel wipe to make sure surfaces are clean and free of oils to allow ceramic coating adhere properly.
* 2 layers of a premium sealant or wax applied to vehicle including front and rear lights
* Door shuts sealed
* Interior cleaned and vacuumed including all surfaces wiped down
* Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
* Interior glass cleaned
* Exterior glass cleaned
* Rain/water repellent window treatment applied to all exterior windows and mirrors 3 layers on the front screen for maximum durability
* Exterior plastics dressed - Sealed with a trim coating on Ceramic Details
* Stainless steel/chrome cleaned and polished
* Paintwork checked under numerous light sources
* Final inspection to make sure your car meets dooka’s high standards

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