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Based in Northamptonshire and providing Car Detailing Products and Detailing Services and is the home of the world-renowned dooka wash pad. Providing premium detailing and consultation services as well as a small but growing range of quality car care and detailing products, such as Car Shampoo, Snow Foam, detailing clay bars, Microfibre cloths,Drying towels, waxes, car sealants and coatings along with a whole range of accessories from such brands as Bilt Hamber, Bouncers Waxes, CarPro, Gtechniq, SiRamik and Zaino.

An experienced and accomplished detailer with over 20 years experience dealing with automotive paint working from a fully insured, secure and purpose-built facilities, dooka is able to deal with all your detailing needs and are able to offer you the ultimate finish and protection for your vehicle, whether it be a Protection detail, Enhancement Detail a Paint Correction Detail or a Matte | Satin Finish Detail.


dooka wash pads

dooka wash pads


dooka wash pad and Wheel mitt set
dooka multi purpose cloths
dooka woolly wheel mitt
CarPro Orange Boa Microfibre
dooka 20lt Buckets
CarPro IronX Fallout Remover


Cartect Tyre Wax
-10 %

Cartect Tyre Wax

£9.86 £10.95

Britemax Max Shine Liquid Wax
dooka WASH si coating shampoo
Koch Chemie H8.02 Compound
Proxxon backing plate adapter
Britemax Extreme Elements
SiRamik WHEELS wheel coating

We are proud to be part of the CarPro and CQuartz family and as an Accredited/Approved Detailer, we are able to apply this stunning coating.

dooka provides a comprehensive range of car detailing services for the interior and exterior of your vehicle, covering paint, wheels, windows and fabrics, as well as maintenance packages and one-off bespoke works. dooka is also able to arrange a wide range of ancillary services on consultation, such as wheel refurbishment, body repair and painting.

Founded in 2009 and backed with over 20 years experience in automotive body restoration, dooka's attention to detail and quest for perfection has brought us a reputation for the highest quality work and the opportunity to prepare award winning show cars, winning accolades in both the UK and Europe.

So why not take a look at our range of car detailing services and products, see our work for yourself in our portfolio, find answers to frequently asked questions and then feel free to contact dooka to discuss your detailing requirements and arrange a no-obligation inspection and service plan.

Please note, we do not answer blocked or withheld numbers. If you call from one, please leave a message and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

detailing world 2014 accessory awards 

Please note. Due to a succession of fraudulant purchases, we will now only post to either the card holders address or a registered address. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


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