Car Washing Guide

vehicle and car decontamination

A car washing guide by dooka

Follow dooka's simple steps for a safe wash routine.

Always wash your vehicle in the shade and make sure the paint and wheel surfaces are cool.

Clean your wheels first. Your wheels will be covered in brake dust and road debris. By cleaning these first you get the worst of the grime off the car, and if you splash the paintwork then it will be cleaned off imminently. dooka strongly advise that you use a separate wheel bucket and washing tools

Always work on cold wheels. Rinse your wheels then high quality wheel cleaner or shampoo that will remove brake dust and not damage the wheel surface or LSP. Spray the wheel wheel cleaner. Agitate using a wheel brush, dooka wheel mitt and a wheel detailing brush. Once cleaned, thoroughly rinse the wheels, tyres and arches.

Once you have cleaned your wheels, Pre-rinse the bodywork using a hose or pressure washer, pre-rinsing will remove the worst of the dirt, mud and grit. A foam can always be used too if you so wish.

Now you're ready for the washing stage. Fill two buckets [wash and rinse] with warm water, add the shampoo of your choice to the wash bucket only. Dunk you Dooka wash pad in the wash bucket, work from the top down and clean one panel at a time, flipping your pad after half of the panel, rinse your wash pad in the rinse bucket between panels.

Thoroughly rinse. Use an open-ended hose for the final rinse, this will help the water sheet off the surfaces leaving less drying.

Drying. We recommend using a plush dooka über drying towel. These are super-absorbent and super soft, allowing for a quick, easy and most of all, a safe drying process.

Laying the towel on the panel, pat dry from the top down, patting dry reduces the risk of swirls and marring and helps avoid drips and water spotting. Use a separate smaller drying towel for the wheels; the dooka uber plush blue microfiber towels are ideal

Give your windows and mirrors a final wipe with a clean dry glass towel/cloth.

You may wish to give the vehicle a wipe down with a quick detail spray, apply a wax or sealant top up and dress your tyres.