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Interior Details

Car interior detailing northampton

• Estimated time: 3 - 5 hours up to 1 day
• Prices start from £75
After all, we generally spend more time in our vehicles than we do looking at them. The interior detail is designed to deep clean and protect the interior of your vehicle. All interior surfaces are fully vacuumed, carpets, seats and all other surfaces are deep cleaned and protected.
dooka's interior details include:
  • All surfaces including, seats, dashboard, door cards, centre console, boot, carpets and floor matts Vacuumed
  • Air vents, and all other crevices vacummed and dusted with a detail brush
  • Fabric seats, carpets and floor matts shampooed with an extraction cleaner (if needed)
  • Leather deep cleaned and protected
  • Dashboard, door cards, centre console and all other plastics cleaned and protected
  • Glass and Mirrors cleaned
  • Carpets, floor matts and fabric seats protected with a scotch guard*
  • All rubber seals such as door and boot seals treated to prolong life of seal.

*You may need to keep windows slightly open over night, to allow fabric protectant fumes to disapate properly.

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